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Logs export to SFTP/S3 $

After enabling this option, you can configure raw logs export to your SFTP or S3 server.


This is a paid service. You can find out the cost of the service in the Pricing.

Start and setup

The service is available in the menu “Statistics” -> “Logs”

To start using this service, click on the switch button. Then click on “Confirm” button in an apeared window, thereby confirming that you agree to the terms of payment for this service.

In the next form, select the desired storage (S3 or SFTP) and fill out the form with data to access the resource.

Possible errors

  • When uploading to S3: it is necessary to specify an existing bucket
  • When uploading to SFTP: the folder path is not recommended to start with the "/" character


  • Logs export runs once an hour for the previous hour
  • The first export will happen in 2 hours
  • If there are no logs for the period, then an empty file exports
  • When uploading to SFTP, you can specify the path to the storage in the format: folder_1/folder_2/.../folder_N — if any part of this path does not exist, then non-existent directories will be created automatically
  • If no path is specified for SFTP export, the file will be uploaded to the user's home directory

Disabling the service

To disable logs export, click on the switch and confirm that you agree to disable the service.

Disabling S3/SFTP