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Magento Integration


Before you start following the guidelines below, please create a backup copy of your website and database (as a precaution).

Step 1. Authorization

Log in Magento Admin Panel.

Step 2. Configuring a Module

Click «System» on the upper navigation bar and click “Configuration” as shown below:


Step 3. Configuring a module

Click the tab “Web” on the side menu and go to the “Unsecure” section.

Step 4. CDN Configuring

Insert your domain on CDNvideo network (find it in the email received from our manager). Please ensure you saved configurations afterwards.


Step 5. CDN Configuring

Use «Current Configuration» point from a drop-down menu and choose “Main Website”.

Step 6. CDN Configuring

Follow the points on the side menu: Web > Unsecure > Base Skin URL. Uncheck «Use Default» in the line «Base Skin URL» and change the value of «Base Skin URL» as shown below:



To make sure that your Magento system is connected to CDN, check the HTML source code. Links to images should be replaced with CDN links.