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FMLE 3.2 Configuring

Flash Media Live Encoder is a free tool for direct encoding in Adobe Systems.

FMLE characteristics:

  • Free software
  • Streaming from one resource
  • Supports only mp3-audio format on OS Windows
  • Supports AAC and mp3-audio formats on Mac OS
  • Operational stability
  • Low hardware requirements

Step 1. Configuring the encoder

Choose the resources of audio and video streams and set up the streaming configurations.

We recommend you to apply the following settings:

Video Audio
Format: H.264 Format: mp3
Bit Rate: 2500–4000 Kbps Bit Rate: 64 Kbps
Size: 1280 x 720 Sample Rate: 44100 Hz
Frame Rate: 30.00 fps Channels: mono


You will find the data for the following fields filling in "Setup instructions" - "Publication links".

  • FMS URL = URL primary
  • Backup URL = URL backup (Optional field. Should be used if outcome bandwidth is enough)
  • Stream = Streams

When streaming one event in several bitrates simultaneously, you may create up to three streams with different bitrates and output resolutions. The names of the streams may be random, they are listed in the “Stream” field and separated with a semicolon.



In FMLE encoder streaming is available in three different resolutions simultaneously.


Click “Connect” and select “Start”.

Step 2. Publication

  • You`ll see a window with a stream status and logs.
  • If the previous point didn’t work - please ensure that you filled the fields correct and the Firewall doesn’t block the ports, required for the encoder (ports 1935 and 80).
  • The “Encoding Options” section includes opportunities to switch the sound on and off without any interference into a stream.


Step 3. Stream checking and embedding the Player into a website.

Open the “Player” tab in your account.

Here you may watch your stream and copy the player code for embedding it into a webpage.